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Annoying Ways People use Sources

Main Idea: People don’t use sources correctly because they don’t know how too or they just don’t care.

Analysis: the way to make you writing look better is to stay away from a random quote that does not belong. The quote should be from the text you are writing about. Typically the quote will be at the beginning to grab the readers attention. You don’t want that many Questions in your text. If you use questions, make sure you give your readers possible answers to the question. To steer away from not sourcing make sure you use all the things you need.

What not to do for citing your sources

  • Do not only list the title
  • Do not only list a page number 
  • Do not put in a quote that isn’t cited

Key Words:

Sources– a person who provides information from a. book or credible text.

Annoyance– a pet peeve, something that annoys you

Citation– a quotation from the text

Quotation– a group of words taken from the text from someone other than the Author

Commentary: I really enjoyed the way the writer explained what not to do and how we should fix it. The writer gave different examples through the text and the one that stood out best to me was the slow car in the fast lane. When you are going the speed limit and the person in front of you is not and won’t move out you your way it can be ver frustrating. It is also very frustrating to others when you don’t site you sources. Citing our Sources at the end of our essays or in the essays can make us seem more credible, our readers will believe us more if our sources are correct. They may want more information and go to the text that we got our information from to read more.

RLW My Point of View

This article explains what reading like a writer is and how to do it. In order to read like a writer you need to know how it works and how to do it. To explain it they gave an example: Picture a house, first there is the foundation, then walls and floors, later drywall and paint, their may be detail in these. Last they put furntiure in the house the brings more detail. Writing is very similar you art with your maid idea and then you add details in between to explain it even more. This article mostly talked about informational reading/writing. what about pleasure writing? Is it harder to write for yourself? maybe you are writing a short story or a journal entry? are they going to be perfect? IF you are writing non fiction story it is not going to be very informational because its not true. if you like reading non fiction or fantasy, your writings might portray that Ian be very similar. This is a good example because you need to read for pleasure in order to build your reading skills. If you do not like what you re reading you are not going to be able to finish it. it is hard to write about something that you didn’t read. Informational writing is when we take something from the textbook and write an essay on it. similar to what I am doing now. This is what most people in our class use the blog for. Other blogs post things about their personal life and what is going on, Maybe they are giving advice. All of these are very important when learning how to read like a writer.

Reading like a Writer Notes

Main idea: you need to know how to read like a writer to be considered a good writer.

Analysis: This article is stating that you need to know how to read like a writer. it gives you examples by taking other people’s writing to mind and do something similar in your own. Start it off with a quote, or state opinions.  Stating opinions can make your writing stand out, you readers may be passionate about the same thing as you. If you start your writing with a quote it may grab the reader’s attention. We read things every day , most of what we read is informational, like a recipe, textbook, or posts on social media.

Key Words

(RLW)- Read like a writer

Techniques in writing different types of writing that you may put in on your own.

Normal Reading  Two types of writing

  • Informational
  • Pleasure

To get away from normal writing you need to make it stand out.

Why is the author writing this? is it Informational or Pleasure

Commentary: I liked that in the article it gave an example of how to read like a writer. it says to picture a house, it starts out with walls and floors, and all the details and hard work it takes to build a house. Every little think matters. They didn’t explain much about pleasure writing and I think that is because there really is no wrong way to write for fun.  You could be writing a short story, or you could be writing in your journal.



The Selfie Project

As I took the selfies of myself I found myself using different filters to cover my face. That is just the way I prefer. I used Snapchat because that is the app that I use the most and like the most. After I took the Selfie I would add another filter to make it seem brighter then what it actually was. I used the flash to take some of them. The selfies that I liked I ended up saving to my memories. If I really liked it I would post it to Facebook and Instagram but before I would do that I would put it through one more filter on another app on my phone, it gives the photo more of a framed look.

In my opinion this process is very similar to my writing habits. When I write I start off with thinking about a topic, or if I already have a topic I explain my input on things and why I think that way. When I write a blog post or an essay I go over it many times. I re write it, fix the grammar and spelling, add things I may have missed, take out parts that I no longer like. I do this until I believe that my post is perfect.

When writing the first think most people do is find a topic, that is similar to choosing the filter. Sometimes you may already have the filter/ topic picked out. Fixing the grammar and spelling, adding things I may have missed I add in. That is very similar to finding the filters that you like. Taking away the ones you don’t. If we really like what we write about, or the selfie that we take we post it for others to see. For feedback or for family and friends to just see how you are doing.

In the text they stated that photos of yourself or Selfies are a self reflection of yourself. The way we take and edit the pictures are how we see and how we may want other people to see. Is this similar to our writing? When we write and post our writings are we giving our audience a little bit of display of ourselves. Depending on the time of writing they may not even be thinking of the Author, but the character of the story. In my opinion Taking selfies, or pictures in general are very similar to writing.

Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Ch2 Argument Essay

When you Post your edited photos to social media do you relies that you are changing the real appearance of something? Do you know that it is a form of art? Changing things to make them look different can be a good thing, but it can go way too far. Most people do it to make their photos look brighter and more colorful, making it look better than the original in most cases. Then there are people who photoshop other people that don’t even look like themselves. There are so many different types of filters that we may not even notice. Things like Clothing, Make-up and even our Attitudes.

When flipping through a magazine do you think of how fake the picture is? They photo shop the model’s bodies to make it seem like they are skinnier then what they really are. The models are already wearing make-up, hair done, and waring something very fashionable for clothing. That should make a statement in its own.

When you look through your best friends’ Instagram; you can tell her photos have been edited with a filter, but it doesn’t look bad. It brings out the bigness and colors. Even her selfies have some edits on them, to hide her blemishes makes her eyes pop a beautiful blue but it still looks like her. They just bring out more color then they would without a filter.

When you get dressed in the morning, do you notice you are putting a filter on yourself? When you do your hair and make-up, you are making yourself look different then your original look. This may not be a bad thing, most women go for a natural look on make-up, some only use mascara and eyeliner, there are even some women who don’t wear makeup. Another filter that you can bring on to yourself is your attitude. It can be about anything. You could be having a bad day and say something rude to someone. People are going to think that you are rude and they’re for possibly not liking you, or just be mad at you for a while.

A lot of these different forms of filters are not a bad thing but changing people’s appearances to make them look more “attractive” for Society, is not okay. Having a poor attitude towards others is not okay. Dressing and putting make up on the way you want is completely up to you. Editing your own photos, the way you like is all in your control.